Long time no see...

Well, I've been on a bit of an internet hiatus. Just needed to take a bit of a break to concentrate on family and all that good stuff. Everything is going great! Just had a birthday last week and had a wonderful time. :) I'm going on vacation on Wednesday, which is super exciting. A week off from work will be very, very nice.

Just went and picked at my deviantart account a bit, and hopefully will be posting some more photos soon. I do plan on getting on the pkmncommunity sometime soon and doing some collection weeding -- cutting back to what I like the best. Anywho...yeah. :)
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N and Touko - 2

Playing with my camera.

Went to the Botanical Garden and took photos last Sunday. I experimented with the Shutter Speed priority setting to see what effect I could get while taking photos of Miju in a fountain. It was a super cloudy and actually started raining on me a couple times, and I wish the lighting had been better, but it was fun anyways.

The water is in motion! XD

And...not so successful water capture. He's been drowned! :O   lol


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Custom Trainer and Miju

Take a Hike?

Went hiking with my sisters and a friend both Monday and Tuesday, and took my camera along with me. We took a couple different trails on a local mountain and found some nice views. ^^

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Twitter and Swamp...

I just set up a new twitter account - Lilligants . So if you'd like to follow me and visa versa, go! ;D

I'm in the middle of a 4-day-off-work-heaven and enjoying not having to worry about anything. Possibly going out hiking tomorrow with my sisters and my camera. The weather's supposed to be really nice, and I'd like to shot some photos. :D

And...speaking of hiking with my camera, my sister and I went to Beaverdam Swamp yesterday and I took a few photos while we were out there. The water level is still fairly high because of the horrible storms we've had, so it was nice and swampy looking.

To see more photos, go to:
N and Touko - 1

Ahhh, power...

My power has been returned after 4.5 days. It's so nice to have it back, and to have a family and house all in one piece. I count my blessings.
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Custom Trainer and Miju

Important Note

This is mainly to people on pkmncollectors who might be trying to get a hold of me.

I live in Alabama, and I'm not sure if it's widespread knowledge but we were hit by a very serious line of storms Wednesday, which caused a tornado outbreak in the area. Due to the damage they caused to my area, a large portion of the entire county (my entire city included) that I live in does not have power. They do not expect to have the power on until Monday at the earliest.

My phone connection has been really spotty, and it's the only way I am able to get online at the moment. You can send me a PM and I'll most likely get it. I'm trying not to use my phone too much so I can conserve battery power.

My family was very lucky in that we had a tree fall over in our yard and some other large branches from additional trees fell, but there was no damage to the house and no injuries. :)
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kk - kenshin & kaoru

'Tendrils of Sunset' -- Complete!

I posted the final chapter to 'Tendrils of Sunset' early this morning. I was up until 5:10am tweaking everything, and finally just threw it out there. It's a bit pathetic it took me so long to actually finish the story, however, I'm very happy it's finally done. I'm currently going through the chapters, starting with 1, and revising them. While re-reading some of them, I found myself cringing at some of the unweildy phrases. I'm just editing out words that don't need to be there and re-phrasing sentences that are just plain awkward. No major re-writes, because I'm just too lazy -- just some mild fixing.

Some other things that have been accomplished recently as well:

- Chapter 2 of 'Haze' has been posted! It's such a fun story to write.
- I posted the first drabble/ficlet of 'Silver Lining', an Ugly Betty collection of stories about Betty and Daniel. I've been watching the episodes like mad on Netflix. Heh.

I'm hoping whatever had made me want to write so much recently keeps working, because it feels great. ;D

Pikachu Drinking Tea

Dirty Pikachus

So in the group auction I posted on the pkmncollectors community, there are several Pikachu Kids, and for identification purposes I wrote a small description of each so people will know which one they're bidding on. Here's what I wrote for three of the Pikachu kids. Seriously wasn't on purpose, but my sisters and I almost died laughing when we saw what I had done...

Heh he.

The other Pikachus were "Pikachu Winking" and "Pikachu on Side"...

Custom Trainer and Miju

A New Year

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I've spent alot of time playing video games with sisters, and then working. It's supposed to snow where I am tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it. Snow is such a rare thing here. :P

Custom Trainer and Miju

National Novel Writing Month

A week ago someone directed me to -- a really neat website that has a yearly competition for amateur writers to write a novel, or 50,000 words, in the month of November. There aren't any prizes, but you are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment if you're able to do it.

I'd honestly never heard if it before, and I'm definitely going to try it out. I've got my story outlined, and I've written 2,551 words so far today. Even if I don't actually meet the word quota by the end of the month, I'll at least have a good start and basis for an original story.

Here is my profile: . Please feel free to add me as a writing buddy -- just comment below so I know who you are and I can return the favor.  :)