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'Tendrils of Sunset' -- Complete!

I posted the final chapter to 'Tendrils of Sunset' early this morning. I was up until 5:10am tweaking everything, and finally just threw it out there. It's a bit pathetic it took me so long to actually finish the story, however, I'm very happy it's finally done. I'm currently going through the chapters, starting with 1, and revising them. While re-reading some of them, I found myself cringing at some of the unweildy phrases. I'm just editing out words that don't need to be there and re-phrasing sentences that are just plain awkward. No major re-writes, because I'm just too lazy -- just some mild fixing.

Some other things that have been accomplished recently as well:

- Chapter 2 of 'Haze' has been posted! It's such a fun story to write.
- I posted the first drabble/ficlet of 'Silver Lining', an Ugly Betty collection of stories about Betty and Daniel. I've been watching the episodes like mad on Netflix. Heh.

I'm hoping whatever had made me want to write so much recently keeps working, because it feels great. ;D