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Important Note

This is mainly to people on pkmncollectors who might be trying to get a hold of me.

I live in Alabama, and I'm not sure if it's widespread knowledge but we were hit by a very serious line of storms Wednesday, which caused a tornado outbreak in the area. Due to the damage they caused to my area, a large portion of the entire county (my entire city included) that I live in does not have power. They do not expect to have the power on until Monday at the earliest.

My phone connection has been really spotty, and it's the only way I am able to get online at the moment. You can send me a PM and I'll most likely get it. I'm trying not to use my phone too much so I can conserve battery power.

My family was very lucky in that we had a tree fall over in our yard and some other large branches from additional trees fell, but there was no damage to the house and no injuries. :)