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Well, today was nice. After I got off work, I went to the local Botanical Gardens to take photos of the remaining flowers before they're killed by the frost in the next week or so. There were still quite a number of awesome plants, including these huge Amazon Water Lilies that I've never seen before -- they have these nice big thorns on their sides. Overall, I took a little over 300 photos (I tend to go a little crazy). I've uploaded my 35 favorites of the bunch onto my Deviant Art account, which is here: http://mana-mihara.deviantart.com/ .

I'm not really looking forward to this week, though. A co-worker is on vacation, therefore, I get to take over his shifts for the week. It's the same number of hours I always get, however, I have to wake up at 5:00am everyday. Now I do that anyways 2/5 days that I work, but I don't really like doing it so many days in a row. Two 5:00am shifts down, five more to go. I'm looking forward to Saturday.

a new friend

So, usually it can be a bad thing if work follows you home, but when you work with animals all day it's not necessarily a bad thing. ;D

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Red Dead Redemption

I’ve been almost obsessively playing Red Dead Redemption recently. It’s one of the best PS3 games that I’ve ever played. I tend to gravitate toward games that are multiplayer, because I find playing with my sisters a lot more fun than playing with only myself. Now, Red Dead is a single player game with an awesome online multiplayer option, and since we have multiple game systems at home, I can play online with the sisters and then also with random other people who either want to join our posse or shoot us dead. Last Monday I played for 10 hours straight before peeling myself away from the TV. One of the best parts of the game is just riding around willy-nilly on my horse. Best. Horses. Ever. Especially the War Horse (black horse with white mane and tail).

A game that I’m really looking forward to being released is Dead Space 2. I read the walkthrough to my sister while she played the first game two years ago and it was scary awesome. I love watching my sisters play horror video games (Silent Hill and Resident Evil, for example), but I tend to throw the controller in the air when my character’s being chased by something freaky… Lame, I know. They laugh at me when I jump at scary scenes.

Anyways, I know what I’ll be doing tonight when my sisters get home from work. Oh, yeah…

Wardrobe Malfunction >_>

So while at work today, I walking fairly quickly down an aisle, turned too sharply and snagged the side of my pants on the sharp edge of the shelf. Good news: didn't hurt myself. Bad news: ripped my pants. It wasn't too big of a hole, but it was right on my upper leg behind the front pocket and it was pretty darn obvious. Going home for another pair of pants wasn't option so I taped the hole shut...with packaging tape. There's a guy at work that constantly ribs me for being clumsy (stuff like this happens fairly frequently to me, unfortunately), and he was terribly confused as to why I had taped my pants. I didn't enlighten him...why not let him think it's a new fashion, eh?

I will admit, though, when the rip first occurred I was horrified that it went down all the way to my knee. Taping THAT would have been a bitch.

Of course...

Don't you hate it when something gets stuck under one of the keys of your keyboard? I have no idea WHAT was under my H key, but it wouldn't let me put a H in any of my words, so I kept typing like this: "Te sun was sining troug te window." It looked like a spastic 2nd grader had mauled my keyboard. I fixed it with a paperclip when I got home from work. Thank goodness.

I'm really thinking of bidding on one of the Shiny Raikou off of Y!Japan, but I cringe at spending that much money close to when I go on vacation (to Dragon*Con!). I know I'll have enough spending money, but I'd rather not make my balance go too low. What to do, what to do. -_-


I just posted the first chapter of my new Naruto/Sakura fic "Haze". I'm having more fun writing it than anything I've worked on the past year. There are several scenes I've got planned out in my head that I'm just so impatient to get out. I still need Word on my computer, so I'm borrowing my sister's computer still, but whatever. ;D

I've started watching Soul Eater recently, and I really like it. I saw some merc for it at a local anime con a couple weeks ago, and it intrigued me, so I decided to check it out. I'm currently on episode 17, so whoo. It's been a while since I've watched a new series, and this one was a great one to pick. XD


Drabble Update

I updated "Scattered Daydreams" with the drabble I posted here back in March and also a new one that I finished about 5 minutes ago. I still don't have Word on my laptop because I'm such a ridiculous procrastinator, so even if I get the urge to write, I don't because I hate writing anything on the dinky Notepad program. I finally got fed up tonight and stole my sister's computer for a little bit. Damn, it feels good. I need to go to Best Buy and just buy the stupid program. My wallet may cry, but computer will rejoice.


Boredom strikes and leaves me with this. Writing a new KK drabble is a good way to cure boredom. ^^

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New Laptop!

I bought myself a new laptop this past week. My previous one had started to lag really bad and was a pain in the butt to use. I need to load all my saved files, stories, ect. onto my new machine.

There's something wonderful about typing on a new keyboard. ^_^



I have the 3rd chapter edited on paper - just need to fix it all on the computer. Haven't had as much time as I would like these past few days. My sister had to go to the hospital (everything was okay, thankfully), and work was crazy. I'll get the chapter out asap, and try to respond to my reviews.